Birthday Party || Top 10 Car Theme Ideas on Pinterest

We recently celebrated Emma's fourth birthday (I can't even believe it!) and this year she wanted a car theme. I didn't have a lot of time to work on the themed decor for her party because I spent the first three days of the week repainting and redecorating her room (which included fresh paint on the wall and ceiling, an appliqued sea theme curtain; and waves painted with blackboard paint). I technically only had two days to do everything else, since one day was spent doing the shopping.

What also made it more difficult this year was that I had to find and make vegan eats - last year we were still vegetarian so I could still make most of the goodies with egg when required. This year's baking went terribly - I must have been tired and everything kept flopping. Sigh. It was also difficult to come up with ideas for the theme in such a short time, so thank goodness for Pinterest! And if you're thinking, 'This looks exactly like last year's party, just with cars!' you and my hubby are in agreement there.

Emma wanted a strawberry cake, so the race track in the shape of a 'four' is a vegan sponge cake with strawberry flavouring. It's quite old-fashioned but Emma wanted it to look like this:
I made streetlight brownies like these:
And then everything else was pretty standard: popcorn, jelly beans, and crisps. Easy. I would have liked to be more creative and if you are planning a car-themed birthday, too, here are my top ten favourites from Pinterest:

1. Pot Holes or Wheels from Oreos

2. Vegetable Cars

(Though I don't think any child would grab these!)

3. Apple Cars

4. Checkered Flag Biscuits

5. Dip Sticks

6. A Car Photo Booth. 

I really wanted to do this one - I had even bought the card. :(

7. Car-Shaped Biscuits

8. Checkered Drinks

I wanted to put the checkerboard pattern around our disposable cups.

9. Dip Sticks and Traffic Light Condiments

10. 'I Wheelie Like You' Gift Bags

I hope these help you out and I would love to see your own ideas!


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