How Did We Finally Finish Off Our Shower? Find out!

We finally finished redoing the shower around six months ago. I've taken a long time to complete the final details, though, and have finally put up the new curtains. I'm happy with the way it turned out and just need a final piece of art to hang over the towel rail and I have a great idea for the lampshade, both of which I keep procrastinating over. :)

For a while we considered leaving the failed SatinCrete as is - it sort of looks like a (very badly done) paint technique - as we liked the basic colour (We chose the Sage for the shower room, though it looks grey in the photos and didn't even look like the sample). However, with all the other fixing that needed to be done we would not have been able to emulate the finish. Thus a new paint job was our chosen option.
Clockwise from top left: The finish of the wall - really horrible in these images; the loose plumbing at the toilet (the showerhead was similarly loose); and the poor plaster work for the shower.
Clockwise from top left: The finishing around the air brick was untidy;  the plastering around the window - the sill also sloped towards the window instead of outward; and the finished look of my beautiful pebbled floor. They had put so much sealer on the wall at once that it actually ran down the wall and pooled on the floor.
The first thing we did was sand all the walls down, as the finish was very rough. Then we took out the (very lopsided) basin. 
You can see why the basin was so lopsided...
skew-mark-peeling-plaster they made a massive hole on the left hand side with a massive bolt. Upon closer inspection, they even secured the bolt with - sticks!
Of course, the original plumbers had put so much silicon sealer between the basin and the wall that we loosened all the SatinCrete in the area and had to smash it out, fill it up with plaster, prime the plaster, and then paint. I was not happy with the finished result, as it was too rough compared to the remaining SatinCrete, but since it's around the basin it shouldn't be too noticeable. Besides, I had a plan...

As we don't know how to do plaster work, we had a guy named Steven come in and do it for us. He did a great job on fixing the windowsill, ensuring it slants towards the shower instead of the window, on the step, and where the old basin was. He also fixed the loose plumbing and did the mosaic on the side of the shower step for us. He was also kind enough to paint. (Sheesh, that makes me sound so lazy!) I decided to paint with a brighter colour scheme and I was skeptical at first, but it has grown on me. I also redid the grout on the mosaic, too, so it looks much neater.

Once I fitted in the new basin, I got to work with the back-splash. I wanted to go for a look that emphasised natural materials. I had some leftover mosaic pebbles, which I removed from their backing and came up with this shell design:
After that, all I had to do was add the decor I had purchased for the room ages ago. And here is the end result, including shells and natural materials:
I'd love to know what you think!?


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