DIY || Simple Crochet Hanger Cover

Plastic hangers are so annoyingly useful and unattractive at the same time. While the end result of this DIY tutorial does not entirely disguise the plastic hanger, it does make it a little prettier, while it also provides additional friction for those delicate and knitted items. This is ideal to add some pizzazz to hangers holding skirts from those cotton loops on the seams as well, as the hooks on either side are still showing. I've made covers with fabric and lace, but can only hang items over the top, or fuss with the cover over the hook.

What you'll need for this project:

A plastic hanger
A crochet hook of any size
Yarn in your colour and thickness of choice

How to crochet around the hanger:

Start off with a knot around your needle.
Place the yarn under the hanger...
...bring it over the hanger and the needle...
...and pull through the loop with the crochet hook.
Then take the yarn over and under the hanger and pull through loop again, pulling tight.
Repeat this until you've covered the whole hanger with the yarn.
The stitches should look like this - close together and covering the plastic hanger. When you reach the joints in the hanger, you use the same technique, pulling the stitch to the new position before pulling it tightly.

Do you have any other ideas for covering plastic hangers?


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