May 18, 2016

Refashion || Man's shirt to raglan woman's shirt

I love it when hubby throws out his old shirts, especially when it's in a fabric and colour I like. With this shirt, I wanted to make a hoodie. I had to go out and purchase the knit fabric to match the grey though.

What you'll need for this project:

A man's shirt
Matching knit fabric

How to refashion the shirt:

Of course, we start with taking the shirt apart. I personally hate unpicking seams but in refashioning items, it's a sad necessity. You could simply cut the seams off, but this way you may lose valuable fabric.

Here is the shirt before unpicking.

First, remove the sleeves...

...then the collar. 

I also removed the pockets, as they needed to be repositioned.

The next step is to cut away the shoulder seam for the raglan design (I used a pattern of a raglan top I already had in my stash) and also to sew the side seams according to your size. Be sure to pin and cut according to your own waist- and hip-line - simply cutting off the same amount from the existing edge will only retain the manly (read straight) cut of the shirt.

You will need to cut a pair of sleeves out of the knit fabric, as well as the hoodie pieces and a long section that will fit the bottom of the shirt, as though the knit fabric is sticking out the bottom of the jacket. I copied the sleeves and hoodie from a pattern I had cut from one of my favourite hoodies.

All that remains now is to sew everything together. Sew on the sleeves, the hoodie, and the bottom strip and sew on the pockets. I neatened up the hoodie seams and the attachment to the neckline with strips of fabric so you don't see the overlocking.

The finished project looks like this:

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