Emma's DIY Dinosaur Birthday Party

My little girl is already three years old and we celebrated with her first official birthday party this past weekend. Don't let anyone tell you that organising all the eats for the event is easy! It's hard work, especially if you're not certain how many people will actually be attending. Luckily, I made just a little too much, and mostly everything was eaten.

Check out my spread below to see some of the things I did for Emma's birthday with links on where I got my inspiration from!

The Eats

From top left: the dinosaur in the middle is actually holding the balloons, but I didn't get a full picture of it :( (inspiration here) - there is also a plate of dinosaur-cutout peanut butter and jam sandwiches (inspiration here); Flies in Amber jelly treats (inspiration here); Biscuits with dinosaur footprints (inspiration here); dinosaur nest cupcakes (inspiration here); and dinosaur bones (inspiration here).

I served up hot dogs to accompany the sweets. You'd swear the children had never seen food before, everything was devoured!

The Decor

We had an outdoor party so didn't go too crazy with the decor. I hired a dinosaur jumping castle for the occasion, which went down really well with the children, especially since it also had a roof. The company I went through also did delivery, setup and collection, so they're highly recommended! Everything else was pretty simple.

From top left: Stencilled party packs and serviettes (inspiration here); an Emmasaurus throne for the birthday girl; dinosaur masks, which also went down well, especially with the younger kids; a dinosaur fossil banner with Emma's name (inspiration here); and, of course, a 'Land Before Time'-themed birthday cake (inspiration here).

So much work and planning for a few hours of a day... But Emma had a blast and the look on her face when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her was priceless!

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