Refashion || Summer dress to skirt

I've had this sundress in my closet for years. The last time I wore it I was pregnant with Emma and the bump didn't make the dress look as much like a sack as it did when I was not pregnant. Why was I keeping it, you ask? Well, it has this pretty lace at the bottom that I couldn't part with and so was ideal for a refashion.

And I wear skirts more often than dresses, so refashioning the article was the obvious choice. Follow my tutorial if you have a similar dilemma. (And yes, I am aware that I am in desperate need of a body form!)

What you'll need for the project:

A sundress
Elastic at the width for your waist (or where you'd like the skirt to sit)

How to refashion the dress:

Lay the dress on a flat surface and cut off the bodice as close to the seam as possible. Mark the centres of the back and front with a pin.
Join your piece of elastic with zig-zag stitch as below:
Divide the elastic into quarters and place pins in those positions. Match the pins to the side seams and centre points of the skirt and pin on the wrong side of the skirt. Serger the elastic onto the skirt, carefully stretching the elastic to match the fabric as you go. What works best for me is to work from pin to pin - but carefully! You don't want to damage your blades!

Finally, fold over the elastic so that you cannot see it and stitch the seam closed.
I've been thinking of taking this project a step further and dying it. What do you think?


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