DIY || Pouches, pouches everywhere!

I had a large amount of random fabric that was sitting in storage waiting for me to do something with it. I went on a spree to use it all up and while a lot of the fabric was set aside for specific projects, I used a lot of it to make something really simple: pouches!

You know how your cupboard is filled to the brim with random stuff and you need to filter through it to find what you're looking for? Pouches can solve this. Pouches can also protect your favourite shoes from dust and damage, keep together your accessories such as bracelets and brooches, or seperate necklaces or jewellery sets to prevent them from becoming tangled. While many of the pouches are colourful, I embroidered some of my own designs on plainer fabric and turned those into pouches as well.

Follow these simple steps to use up some of fabric swatches you couldn't bear to throw away but otherwise have no use for.

What you'll need for this project:

Fabric swatches in your pattern and colour of choice
8mm eyelets
Matching ribbon to make four 48cm lengths (You can make the ribbon shorter, of course, to your personal preference!)

Making the pouches:

1. Decide what you want to put in pouches and come up with some measurements. I've found 35cm x 42cm pouches are sufficient for a pile of tablecloths or a bed linen set. A 20cm x 15cm pouch is perfect for your brooches, while jewellery sets will fit beautifully in a smaller 10cm x 10cm pouch. Of course, if you have something specific you want to make a pouch for, such as a pair of shoes, it is best to measure the item to get the correct dimensions, taking height, width, and depth into account.

2. Cut the fabric to your desired size, adding around 1.5cm for the seam on the bottom and sides and around 3cm for the top seam. You can overlock the pieces separately now for a neat finish.

3. Place the pieces right sides together and sew around the bottom and sides, neatening the seams with your serger/overlocker if you had not already done so.

4. Clip the corners and turn inside out.

5. Fold over the top seam 3cm and pin in place, sewing about 5mm away from the edge of the fabric.

6. Mark the points in the top seam where you want your eyelets. They should ideally be between the top of the pouch and the top seam. If you divide your pouch width into four, the eyelets should be at the first and third quarters. I put them around 8.5cm away from the edge of the side of the pouch. Depending on your tools, you may have to cut out some of the fabric to make a hole for the eyelet.
7. Cut your ribbon into 25cm lengths and tie one length in each eyelet.

Your pouch is done! To close it up when you have your items inside, simply tie opposing ribbons together in a bow.


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