DIY || Colour-Coordinated Patchwork Cushions

I was given a pile of coordinated upholstery fabrics that I did not know what to do with, which is in itself quite a surprise since cushions are my go-to creation.

What else to do with lost fabric than cut it up and make exactly that: patchwork cushions!

What you'll need for the project:

Fabric in coordinating colours
Matching sewing thread
Sewing machine

How to make a patchwork strip cushion:

Decide on the width of your cushion cover. If you have an inner already, ensure that your fabric will fit it. It is simpler if you're planning to make an inner to match.

Cut strips of differing widths but equal lengths in two of your fabrics, making sure to include seam allowances and that the end product will fit your inner. The best is to draw a rough sketch of how you want the end product to look.

Sew the strips together. Don't forget to press the seams open with the iron after every seam you sew. I know it sounds like a pain to do, but it really does make the end result look better.

Cut the strips to the size required and cut rectangles for the back of the cushion (Follow my tutorial for an envelope cover here), sewing a seam on one side of each rectangle.

Place the front piece and the two rectangles right-sides facing, pin in place, and sew it all together.
Serger the seams, clip the corners, and turn out.

These instructions will give you a cushion like that in the bottom left-hand corner of the above image.

square-patchwork-cushion How to make a patchwork squares cushion:

Working on a 40cm by 40cm inner, cut two 22cm by 22cm squares in one fabric and another two 22cm by 22cm squares in a coordinating fabric.

Sew two different coloured squares together (with a 1cm seam allowance), repeating with the remaining two squares.

Matching the centres, pin and sew the strips together.

Repeat as for the patchwork strip cushion for an envelope cover.
As you can see in the very top image, I made yet other patchwork cushions using the remnants that I had in my stash. If your pieces are too small for either of the above options, make up your own design with a pencil and paper first before cutting the fabric.

I'd love to see what you make!


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