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A while ago, I reviewed three mobile fashion planning applications that I had played around with after purchasing an Android phone. In using the apps I hoped to find one that could broaden my fashion horisons by offering an overview of my current items, thereby giving access to every item at the touch of the button. I decided that My Dressing was ideal for me because of its ease of use and its outfit creation abilities.

After that post, I was asked to review the app Pick My Style, a nifty fashion networking application that allows you to gain valuable input from its users on whether the outfit you have created for yourself is really stylish or not.

Pick My Style can be very useful and valuable if you want to avoid a fashion faux pas that will make people giggle after you've walked by, and you can use it in combination with your current fashion planning app of choice to make it go that much further in aiding your style.

Pick My Style offers a combination of style help and inspiration.

screenshot-pickmystyleFirstly, if you're not sure whether your outfit will be widely welcomed by the outside world, you can simply snap a photo of it or choose the image from your gallery for the '1 Style' option and send it to Pick My Style users who will either 'Pick' it or 'Kick' it. You can then gauge the outfit's success by a percentage rating, showing how many users picked each option.

Secondly, if you are having difficulty choosing between two outfits or items, the app can also help you with that by allowing you to snap '2 Styles' together and users will then choose one of the items. The scoring is the same with a percentage showing you which item is more popular.

It is also helpful that you can specify what your requirements are for the outfit when you post it, so if you're looking for approval on an outfit meant for the beach or a party, the users can better gauge whether it is appropriate for your needs.

Thirdly, the app will inspire your style because of the sheer amount of ideas that will come your way: you will learn how to coordinate items, shoes and accessories to achieve a better rating, improving your own style as you go. You can also save a post you have voted on to your saved list, which is awesome for your styling sessions, keeping your favourites close at hand. You can comment on posts you have voted on as well, offering your own advice, showing your appreciation for other users' efforts, or even asking where a particular item is available. You can even report the image if you deem it inappropriate.

If you're using a fashion planning app, you can save your outfit board and load it from your gallery to see what responses your outfit garners.

My favourite aspects of the app include the option to save favourite posts and also the information about the age and location of users. This allows responses to be more thoughtful, as users can take age groups into consideration as well as season and culture.

The only complaint I have about the app is that it can be a bit slow to load once you have been browsing for a while but otherwise it's quite addictive if you're a fashion fanatic. If you're looking for fashion inspiration or help on becoming more stylish from a growing community of people living and loving fashion every day, this is the app for you.

If you'd like to try Pick My Style for yourself, download it from Google Play here.


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