November 27, 2015

DIY || Applique cushion cover


Applique is a really effective decorative technique, and it's really simple, too! Follow this tutorial to create your own cushion cover with an appliqued star on the front.

What you'll need for this project:

Fabric in your desired colour, enough for two 40cmx40cm blocks
A coordinating fabric for your star
Scissors or a rotary cutter
The star pattern, which you can download here
40cm closed-end zipper

How to make the appliqued cushion cover:

Start off by cutting your fabric into the correct size. Remember you are free to make the cushion the size you want!

Print out the star template and cut it out from the fabric. Pin it to the centre of the front of your cushion. Be sure to pin it on every loose seam so that when you applique it, the design does not move around. If you prefer, you can tack the design to your cushion front or even use a double-sided interfacing to keep it in place.

Set your sewing machine to medium-sized zig-zag stitch, with the stitch length as short as possible. On my machine the setting I use is the same for buttonholes.

Slowly zig-zag all the way around the design, ensuring that edge of the star is at the centre of every zig-zag stitch.

End off by going backwards a little and then forwards again.

Place both sides of the cushion cover right sides together and sew around three of the sides, leaving the bottom seam open - this is where you'll put in the zipper.

Pin the zipper's right side to either side of the right side of the open seam. I find that pinning both sides together before sewing prevents the zipper placement from shifting.

Before you sew it up, make sure the zipper is open, otherwise you won't be able to turn the cushion inside out.

Use a zipper foot to sew the zip onto the fabric.

Trim the corners of the cushion, turn inside out, and press if you wish.

(I apologise for the lack of photos - I made this without the intent to share it on the blog.)

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