June 27, 2015

DIY || Pegged! Scarf organisation

I don't know about you, but I love scarves and as a result, I have about 20 or so. But how to store them? If you have an open space somewhere in your closet, why not try this idea - it's quick and easy!

All you'll need to quickly store and display your scarves is enough wooden pegs for the number of scarves you have and a glue gun.

Warm up your glue gun as you complete the first few steps. Remember to warm it up on a piece of cardboard or something else you can discard so as not to damage your carpet or table. Once the glue becomes hard, that's pretty much it, depending on the surface it's leaked onto.


First, determine where you want your scarves to be hung up. I chose the inner side of our built-in closet, just under the clothing rail.Warm up the gun - remember to put it on a piece of card as it warms up so leaking glue doesn't get stuck on your carpet or on something else of value.

Now you'll have to draw a straight line as a guide along which to glue your pegs. Simply measure the same distance from the top of your cupboard to where you want your pegs to be positioned in two spots - one on the left of the cupboard and one on the right - and join the two marks with a ruler to make a straight line.

 Mark equal distances on the line - 1cm should be sufficient, depending on how close you want your pegs to be.

Put a line of glue on one side of the peg - try to put it on the same side so your pegs all look the same when they're stuck on.

Place the peg in position - I placed their centres on the 1cm marks I made.

Keep going until you're satisfied you have enough pegs stuck on.
Et voila! A quick and easy storage solution for your scarves that also helps you pick the ideal one for your outfit!

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