DIY || Found object bottle frame

Whenever I go to the sea, I cannot help picking up shells and stones and other objects along the beach, and keeping mementoes of special moments. All these items usually end up in a box somewhere, but what about displaying them?

It turns out that shadow boxes aren't the only things you can use to display your found items. If you, like me, are a lover of glass bottles and have piles of them awaiting a special task from you, how about trying this?


You'll need:

A glass bottle
A photograph of the place you retrieved your found items cut to the size of the bottle you wish to use
Your found items

The rest of the tutorial is pretty obvious: simply place the photo into the bottle first and then put all your found items behind it, or you could even try putting some items in front if you don't mind covering up some of your image.
Once you are pleased with the effect, place your bottle with other mementoes of your travels, such as larger seashells or souvenirs you purchased. The overall effect is quite attractive and you'll have an ideal talking point in your living room.