DIY || Embroidered Drawstring Pouch

The simplest and quickest way of ploughing through your fabric pile is to make pouches. And you can really make them pretty with embroidery details.

I have made several pouches recently, and though they are pretty without embroidery, adding a little detail turns it into something special. In addition, it's the simplest way to rid yourself of that pile of fabric and you can use your creativity too to come up with your own designs.

Pouches can be used for anything from gift packaging for that special someone to handy shoe holders, jewellery storage, and linen storage.

These look especially pretty if you use a transparent fabric such as voile or netting.



What you'll need:

Design of your choice
Fabric of your choice in the shape of a rectangle
DMC thread in the colours you need
Embroidery frame that will hold your size of fabric
Embroidery scissors
Embroidery backing (if you're using an opaque fabric)



1. First put the centre of one half of your rectangle into the centre of your embroidery frame. It doesn't have to fit perfectly; it's really just to ensure that your design does not become too distorted.

2. Embroider your design. Use shadow embroidery techniques to hide the end of your threads if you're using voile or a similar fabric.


3. Prepare your fabric to be sewn into a pouch. For transparent fabric you can choose to overlock the edges but some may prefer not to, as the stitching will show through the fabric later. You'll have to judge for yourself whether a visible serger is worth preventing a fabric prone to fraying from doing just that. (Personally, I've foregone the overlocking - even on transparent fabrics - as it appears neater to me.)

4. There are two ways to sew the pouch together. Either: fold over the top seam about 1cm and sew it closed, leaving a gap large enough for the ribbon you want to put through (this is not a very neat way of making the pouch, but it is likely not to be noticed). Then fold your rectangle in half and sew up the bottom and side of the pouch, leaving the ribbon casing loose.


Or: Fold the pouch over about 3cm. Sew about half a centimetre from the fold at the top of the pouch, and then another half centimetre from the bottom of the folded fabric, depending on the width of your ribbon. Sew the bottom of your pouch and then sew up the side up until your topstitching at the bottom of the ribbon casing. Then sew up the rest of the side seam above your top topstitching, leaving the gap open for the ribbon.




5. Put one end of your ribbon into a safety pin and push it through the ribbon casing. If you've followed the second technique for sewing up your pouch, push the safety pin around to the front of your pouch (i.e. through the middle of the four layers of fabric).


6. Tie your ribbon in a knot at one end.

And you're done! Keep a look out for a tutorial for a simple way of making a lined pouch!


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