DIY || Stained Glass Bathroom Light

I was looking for something unique for our bathroom after I gave our bathroom a makeover. I looked at chandeliers and globes, flat bulb covers and even paper shades. But I was inspired by Moroccan lanterns with their geometric designs when I decided to use stained glass paint and lead to design my own shade from our current glass shade.

It's one of my favourite touches to my new bathroom, and it really is simple to accomplish.

What you'll need:

A glass bathroom shade
Heritage lead liner
Glass stain or paint (I originally had a Martha Stewart glass stain, but it was not dark enough for what I needed. I used Heritage glass stain instead.)
A paintbrush
A pencil
A ruler
Your design (I used a modified version of this design)

1. Divide your bathroom shade into quarters using your pencil and ruler.
Design-drawn-on-shadeDesign-drawn-on-shade Design-drawn-on-shade 

2. Draw your design onto the shade. I modified an image I found on the web of a circular Moroccan design with fish to match my mural. Remember that if you have chosen a geometric pattern you will need to make sure the pattern is the same, or as close as you can get, in every quarter. 

3. Using the lead, trace along your design. Be careful of smudging the lines. Wait for the lead to dry before you paint in the lines. I left my lamp for a day. Once it's dry, you can erase your pencil lines if possible, because they will show through the paint.

TIP: If you have a shade design printed on paper and have a clear glass shade, tape the print on the inside of the shade and use that as a guide when you do the outlining.

4. Paint in between the lead lines. If you are using a pearl lead as I did, take care not to paint over the lead itself as it will show. Decide on your colours beforehand, as there's no way to undo the glass stain.

Once your paint is dry, hang up your shade and enjoy your work! The stained glass look will make the light more muted and may also cast pretty colours around the room.


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