What to wear: Do fashion planning apps work?

I've finally acquired a Smartphone, and have had endless fun with the online app store. There really is so much to do and see and experiment with. I decided to try a fashion planning app to help me decide what to wear each day as I inevitably grab whatever's most accessible, which is exactly what I wore last week since it's packed in front.

I often forget that there are other outfit possibilities if I just stretch my mind a little (admittedly stretching my mind as I get dressed at 7am in the morning is, in fact, the last thing on it).

So I've tried out three apps available on the Google Play store: Clamotty, My Dressing, and What to Wear 365. Of course, these three apps are by no means a reflection of all the applications available, but here are my impressions of them.

What to Wear 365 is a great way to keep up with current fashion trends in Europe, putting together a series of outfits including tops, pants, shoes, and accessories. However, it bases the outfit on the weather in Switzerland, which is pretty useless if you live in the southern hemisphere, as I do.

I have summarily uninstalled the app, but not because I didn't enjoy the suggestions or outfits. In fact, my wardrobe is so bland the outfits simply made me too aware of that fact.

If you are interested in what will be trending soon when the seasons turn, this could be useful if you made note of the outfits.

My Dressing allows you to import photos of your clothes and arrange them into certain categories, such as accessories, shoes, or skirts. My favourite aspect of this app is the crop feature, where you can crop around the actual item of clothing. You can then arrange your own outfits by dragging and dropping from the different categories.

You also have access to different colours for the background of your clothing items or your outfit boards. Fifteen colours come standard, but if you want more you must purchase them.

Clamotty is very in-depth in comparison with regards to the separate pieces of your wardrobe. You can categorise items very particularly, where your Tops section for example will have separate sections for cardigans, blouses, hoodies, knitwear, shirts, tanks, t-shirts, and tunics. You can also select the item's colour, the type of event you can wear it at (Event, Party, Casual, Official), and the season it's appropriate for. You can also name all items separately to search for a particular piece easily and can also add items while you're at the shops through the barcode function or take an image from a file you've saved from the web. There is also some help in packing a suitcase for the season to which you're travelling.

Clamotty allows you to synchronise your wardrobe with the server in case you lose your phone or uninstall the app. However, these extras don't really make up for functionality. The outfit creation is time-consuming as you must literally scroll through all your clothing to find the piece you are looking for. You can start an outfit from the item in your wardrobe, but everything else you have to scroll to find. The images of your clothing are also not very flattering, unless you have a tailor's doll to put your clothes on.

In my opinion, My Dressing has a smoother and more accessible functionality, while the outfit boards are also attractive.

Being able to make up your own outfits out of clothes you already own is a great idea. My only problem really is that taking a photo of everything in your closet is quite time-consuming at first. However, it is really convenient if you are stuck at work or in a queue: you can just create your outfits while you wait. And choosing an outfit is much simpler at 7am!

Have you tried any fashion apps? Let me know how yours works for you!

{Top image credit: By Q-ART (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons}


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