New Floors: In Progress

We've been staying in our home now for over five years, and have been living with the same carpets since then - carpets that were here when we moved in and who knows how long before that. We've been deliberating over doing the floors for ages, and finally decided to take the plunge.

If we can survive the mess that came with our bathroom fix-up, we can survive this!

So we've hired Rob's Flooring to do the job, and they started on Monday, pulling up the carpets and the underfelt. We had a large patch of water damage as a result of repeat-leaking of Shaun's marine tank - one of the reasons he sold it was to make it easier for us to do the floors.

The damage, however, was not as bad as I had expected, with only a small patch of mini mosaic having to be replaced. The water did loosen the blocks though, so it's been pretty time-consuming for the workers sticking everything back together and finding replacement blocks that fit.

Sanded on the left, not sanded on the right
They started sanding today, and it really looks amazing! We've chosen to go with a water-based, eco-friendly sealer, which, while not being as dark as the solvent-based sealer, will be easier on our brains (i.e. very little odour) and patience (quick-drying). Besides, I quite like the look of the wood's differing colours. My dad would, too.

We expected them to finish tomorrow, but that may have to be extended until Thursday because of the time it's taken them to replace blocks.

We've moved most of our stuff out of the house, and I'm looking forward to using this opportunity to do some proper spring cleaning.

Wait a minute! Wasn't I also working on our bathroom? What's happened with that?

Well, here are some sneak peeks. I'm very nearly finished!

mirror-mosaic scales

Can you guess what the above may be? Three guesses!


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