Bathroom Fix-Up: Inspiration

In the absence of any completion of the bathroom - yes, it is because I am totally procrastinating and unmotivated - I've decided to show you some of my plans for it with regards to decor.

I have done some of the grouting of the mirror mosaic around the bath, but, to my dad's scolding tone echoing in my ear, I managed to slice my fingers open. Haven't been very motivated since. It's been a tough week for me emotionally, I suppose.

Anyway, I intend to maintain the reflective quality of the bath across the entire room. We had to replace the bathroom cabinet and the rail because they smashed them when they took them out, so I've purchased a plain silver rail. There'll be a silver hook for the guest towel, and much of the decor will also be shiny, while I'm adding colour with turquoise accessories and decor, too (and a surprise piece that you'll see when everything is done!)

Mr Price Home has been my port of call for much of the decor I've chosen. I know it's all mass-produced, but some of it really is lovely.

My favourite mirrors:

I was going to put this chandelier in...

...but I'm doing something completely different with the current bowl we have based on this design.

I wanted the mats to be soft under our feet as we stood at the basin and climbed out of the bath, so I bought these, obviously both in the light blue colour:

Mr Price Home is filled with some of the most gorgeous items. Here are some of my favourites for the bathroom. Which ones should I use?

Check out more of my favourites on my Pinterest Bathroom board.

{GIF Credit: Tumblr/Ralapack}


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