Bathroom Fix-Up: Day 21

Yes, I am still busy with the bathroom! After a week of non-stop sanding and painting and grouting, I decided to take a bit of a break. But it's all coming together - slowly but surely.

I'm a little disappointed about the paint colour, but it does look grey in natural light.

The image below is of the grouting of the tiles before I fixed it. After taking the photo, I used up a lot of time removing the dust from between the tiles, as well as spacers that were stuck. And then it took about a day to grout everything up.


Of course, along the way I had to clean up our tap and overflow hole, since they were covered in plaster.


Once I did that, I noticed how much they damaged our mixer. I'll have to think about whether I want to get a new one now.



I spent a long time working on a piece of art for the bathroom, so that took up most of my time, but last week I started to mosaic around the bath. It's my first venture into the craft, and although I can see why many people enjoy it, it is quite time-consuming when working on such a large area.

I had been trying to source the mirror mosaic pieces I need for the mosaic. I had acquired two broken mirrors from a glass recycling drum, so I had some, but snipping it took time since I didn't have a snipper yet - only a glass cutter. What I had didn't allow me to finish though. I found a place just down the road that sells mosaic supplies, which saved me more time because I would have had to order what I need online or travel a way to find it. I still have some work to do, but I should be done today, and I have another broken mirror that I can use to finish up. Then it's just to do the grouting.


I have to purchase a new set of wall plugs now, because they had literally glued the basin onto the wall with silicon sealer - the wall plugs were simply pulling out of the wall when I put the basin back. So more work!

But when the basin is up and the mosaic is done, I can start putting up the decor and then you can see the finished product! :)


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