January 4, 2011

Book Review || Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have taken over a year to finish reading JRR Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings, but I am oh-so-pleased to finally have finished!

One of the things I most enjoyed about the novel was the way that it differed from the film trilogy screenplay, and I appreciate the talent of the screenwriter much more!

When I first read the part with Tom Bambadil, I couldn't understand how they could have left it out of the movie - it was such a pivotal point in the novel, because without Tom, they would have gone nowhere. However, once I reached the middle point and contemplated on the screenplay of the films, I understood that, although Tom was an intriguing character, he was not among the most intriguing characters.

But I must say that the death of the Steward of Gondor is much more dramatic in the novel than in the film when he's holding the palantir and sets himself alight, although I liked the depth the film added to the Paths of the Dead, and the setting of the stage for Arwen and Aragorn's relationship right from the start.

Being a Romantic at heart, I liked the extra focus the book put on Eowyn and Faramir falling in love. :)

When I embarked upon my journey into Middle Earth with Frodo and Sam and the rest of the Fellowship, I was expecting a long, hard read, as everyone I know who has read it before - with the exception of my father (legend has it he finished reading the book in a single night) - said it was one of the longest books they've ever read.

And now that I'm finished, I would have to agree - "The Lord of the Rings" now holds my personal record as the book that has taken me the longest to finish.

I really enjoyed it though - it was a journey into the beginnings of fantasy almost, because in every fantasy novel I think back on I can see how they were inspired by Tolkein and his amazing imagination. Despite the drawn-out family histories, the various names for a single thing, the intermittent poems and songs and the characters' illustrious and sometimes tedious manner of talking, the novel will still make it to my list of one of the best books ever.


  1. I've never fancied reading these books, much to my husband's horror. I haven't seen the movies either. I might just have to give them a go someday ;-)

  2. My dad read it, so it's sort of a tradition that I follow suite! :)


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