Imagine being a parent

30 January 2011

I spent an awesome day with my parents today.

They came over, and as usual my mom spoiled us with croissants - she always does that. We had good food and good conversation, and then good shopping as we made our way through a holistic market.

Then we took a walk through a park that we used to frequent when I was still a child. This place is one close to my heart, because I still remember it from my childhood. The waterfall above is from this park.

After they left this afternoon, it occurred to me that it must be a painful yet satisfying experience to have a child my age. Your parents have watched you grow from a small baby into an independent adult. Imagine all the love and effort that went into your upbringing; all the worry about whether they were being good parents and how you would get through the world without them. And then, visiting you in your own home and seeing the life you've made for yourself with the man you love, being completely independent and happy.

It must be painful to know that your child is grown up - they are far away from you now; they are different; they are grown up.

And yet, it must be satisfying to know that this woman you are looking at is your daughter, was once a tiny baby in your arms, who you taught and loved and cared for with the very purpose of sending them into the world to fend for themselves.

I am sorry to cause my parents such pain by being away from them, but I hope that them being able to see the grown-up they had such a large part to play in living and making plans and happy.


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