January 12, 2011

I'm a book reviewer now!

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12 January 2011

Over the weekend I finished the first book I was to review for The Pen and Muse blog.

I also managed to post my review of the book this week.

I am hoping that my reviews will be popular, and that I'll be able to do many more. I am already reading my next novel, and hope to be finished at the end of the week.

At least being responsible to someone else for my writing is a start in the right direction - I love reading, and find myself not reading and doing other things instead, so this way I have to read, and it enriches me at the same time.

The book I covered was a contemporary erotic fantasy and luckily I'm not an erotic-fiction-virgin. I do find, however, that whether you like the novel or not depends a lot on your personal taste, so I found writing the review quite difficult. I ended up giving the novel a good rating, even though I may have had some reservations about it in the end. I'd put my enjoyment of the novel up to being excited about reviewing it in the first place.

Because reading a novel is such a subjective experience, it's difficult to say whether someone else will like the novel or not, and I hope that I can work on being more objective in my reviews.

I must say, though, that I don't think my mom would have liked to read it! ;)

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