January 21, 2011

Are people basically good?

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21 January 2011

You would think that this being the 21st century, with all the technology we have, we would no longer have the stomach to do some of the horrible things that are still being done today.

Bullfighting is just one example; another is the slaughter of the Taiji dolphins.

Every year a massive pod of dolphins is forced into a cove, and slaughtered. I've heard tell that the dolphins swim to the Japanese murderers like a dog would approach you with its tail wagging, but they have no heart it seems, because these men are absolutely merciless...

The pod is massacred; the sea runs red with their blood.

The video below is not of the slaughter, but of the indirect victims of the slaughter: dolphins who don't make it to the cove are still pushed onto the coast, and these are some of those who have been caught on the rocks.

I try so hard to believe that people are basically good, that there is something wonderful in each of us, but seeing videos like this make me so sad for humankind.

We have lost all connections to mother nature and her wonderful creatures...

Video via Welcome to my Parlour

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