Polymer Clay Crafts

3 January 2011

My mom was our polymer clay artist, but she only played around before I was old enough to remember her sitting at the table, painstakingly shaping the legs and bodies and eyes. She made small and cute creatures, and she keeps them in the lounge in one of those little wooden shelves*, a memory of a simpler time perhaps.

Melanie's reindeer
I also love Whimsical Creations' little wonders! They are all so cute, and, of course, make me considerably jealous that my job is not as fun! :)

Melanie posted a little tutorial on how to make your own little reindeer. It's not really relevant anymore, I suppose, but I only recently came across it, and thought you'd like to take a look. It's really very simple!

Thanks Melanie for the inspiration! :)

Via Whimsical Creations

Or you could join her on Facebook.

*PS Does anyone know what those little wooden shelves are called? They're sometimes in the shape of little houses? I can't for the life of me remember what they're called!


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