Do you want to save the bees?

11 January 2011

I don't really know whether petitions really do anything to save the animals or help the people they say they're going to save or help, but sometimes I suppose you just need faith.

The bees of the world are under threat, after scientific studies have revealed that a group of toxic pesticides are to blame. Countries that have banned these products have seen a powerful recovery in their bee populations, but those chemical companies producing the pesticides are trying very hard to keep them on the market and in use.

This despite the fact that bees pollinate at least 90% of the plants we grow, and our survival is dependent on theirs.

I sometimes can't believe that a large corporation does not think that this would be a problem; does not even say, "Whoa! Our pesticides are doing this? We could be responsible for the demise of the human race? Let's rethink our product!".

All down to human greed, I guess. It doesn't affect them they can make some money out of it for now.

If you'd like to part of the hopeful petition to ban the pesticides, sign this petition now. It's apparently already had an amazing response with half a million people signing up over the weekend. Let's see if we can change the world.


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