Broadcasts of bullfighting banned in Spain

12 January 2011

They say some things never change...

But this thing did.

Spain and bullfighting go hand-in-hand, with many passionate Spaniards defending the tradition as part of their culture.

That may be, but it is still a violent act, and Spain's national broadcaster has decided it doesn't want to show its children such violence.

This probably won't stop parents from taking their children to see "their first bullfight", but at least it plants a subconscious seed that perhaps this is a practice that we should let go of as humane humans.

According to "Welcome to my parlour!" said the spider to the fly.: Spain's national broadcaster bans bullfighting 250 000 bulls die slowly as they are tortured with spears and constantly teased. The image of the matador piercing the heart of the bull with one movement is the ideal which these men strive towards, but it is rarely the reality, as the bulls are usually skewered over and over again, rather bleeding to death than dying in such an "honoured" manner.


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