December 21, 2010

The transience of life

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Daddy, our oldest rat
21 December 2010

Whenever I am confronted by death I wonder at the transience of life. I wonder at the point of it all - making families, living, eating, breathing - all to end in a simple thing: death.

Death is conventionally known as the end of a life: the heart stops beating, the mind stops thinking, the stomach stops digesting, everything just stops.

But what disturbs me most about death is the disappearance of the life force that was that being. Where did it go? You can literally see it leave the body - when it does, the body is wan and grey. Can you feel it leave? What is it? Does it go on?

I like to think that the life force that is that being has some purpose for having a life, for being a creature, for learning random lessons that I think we're all meant to learn.

Why else are we here then if there is no purpose to it all?

The reason for my musing: our oldest rat has just passed away. He had practically just spent half an hour with us walking around the desktop. Shame, I found him lying with a piece of his bedding gripped between his teeth, which he must have been taking to their box - I had just cleaned their cage (in rat language, that's "messed up their cage") and the new bedding needed to be rearranged.

Just like that his little life force is gone. :(

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