December 16, 2010

This cuckoo clock would look perfect in my home

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Photo from Yanko Design
Photo from Yanko Design
16 December 2010

This cuckoo clock would look perfect in my home (with a few tweaks to match my personality)!

Little Thoughts Group is holding an exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore until January 11 2011. On display at the exhibition is the Kampong Cuckoo, and it's covered with Chan Wai Lim, the designer's memories of being a child in Singapore in the 1970s.

As the clock chimes, there are new sounds for every memory on the clock face, including the sounds of the mosquito, owl, bats, crickets, mice, roosters, pets, a 70s television programme, snoring and insects in Kampong.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to design a clock like this for your own home, filled with your own memories? My clock face would be full of animals, I think, and its chimes would include sounds of my family waking up in the morning, my dad's laugh, cats, dogs, hamsters, running water, the sea, the wind...

Now someone just needs to come up with something that can record smell...

Via Yanko Design

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