December 8, 2010

Seriously, John, I want a Carp-pet!

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John Leung for ClarkeHopkinsClarke
8 December 2010

I want one of these Carp-pets!

I love fish in general - I think it comes with being a Piscean - and can't help trying to interact with them through the glass of their tanks at pet stores. I know, a little lame, but it is nice to see them gather around my hand.

Anyway, this carp-pet would be ideal in my home, because a) I love fish and b) it is uber-low maintenance!

The Carp-pet is a rug that, when seen through a special glass coffee table, looks like it is filled with majestic carp swimming across it. It's a moire design that uses the grid of the coffee table to create the optical illusion.

Can I have one? Pretty please?

Via Yanko Design

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