December 9, 2010

How is it possible to love someone so much?

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9 December 2010

My husband is away for the first time ever, and it's a whole two nights and three days that I'm spending without him.

When I arrived home yesterday I felt so lost without him, and proceeded to clean up our home in the absence of having him to talk to. It made me feel no better, however, and even the cats picked up on my sad feelings, following me around from room to room (literally!) as I moved things around and put things where they belonged.

Our place looks quite tidy now, and Lizzy will have a hard time trying to find something to clean today. :)

But even the tidiness didn't help, nor did the hot bath nor trying to relax on the bed listening to the radio.

It was a restless night without my love lying by my side, and I constantly reached out to his space on the bed (only to feel a little hairy body in his place).

I love this man so much; without him my life is as empty as a school over Christmas.

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