November 10, 2010

Please appreciate!

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Image: ESO/HH Heyer
10 November 2010

Humans all have such an inflated view of themselves. There is nothing but themselves, their car, the beer at the end of the day.

I wish we could all appreciate the world around us. No matter how closely you look at the world, there is just so much to see and appreciate.

The same goes for all those things larger than us as well. Earth is one of them, but we are seriously not appreciating it.

I digress though - the point of my post is to link you up with the above pictures, which is one of the most beautiful images of the Milky Way, the galaxy we're swirling around in right now, I've ever seen.

It is a 360 degree panorama made from 37 individual frames.

Via Popular Mechanics

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