We're blinded by fame

Singer Performing in Front of Adulating Crowd
27 October 2010

My husband and I were watching SA's Got Talent last night. I find this show more entertaining than "Idols", simply because the talents are so much more varied than just singing.

It was the second semi-final last night, and I found myself gaping at the audience. Harold Hendricks took to the stage with his rendering of the eighties track "Footloose". He started off relatively well, I'd say, after an introduction to say that he believed that performers needed to have a personal connection to their music.

However, once he started dancing, that was it for me. Standing and singing is one thing, but if you try dance and sing without the training, then your performance just fails dismally.

But still the audience screamed and pelted Harold with praise!

This led me to consider to myself why it is that people in South Africa love these types of shows? Why acts like U2 come to South Africa and tickets are practically sold out before they even go on sale?

It's because South Africa loves Hollywood. We're so mesmerised with the entire idea of Hollywood that we love stages and anything that remotely resembles the VMAs, the Oscars and any other show that puts normal people on a pedestal of style and wealth.

I pity us, because we are so easily blinded by fame.


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