August 25, 2010


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Man Eatting Chinese Food
25 August 2010

If you're sick and tired of the media industry pumping the fact that only skinny and beautiful women are sexy, why not join the latest sexual fetish claimed to be sweeping America: feederism.

There is nothing more "socially subversive" than this fetish, which means you gain weight - on purpose.

Feederism delights in the idea of purposefully being an absolute glutton - eating boxes of tinkies (or packets of Jambos in my case :) ) - and not feeling like a pig and not worrying about the weight you'll gain.

Feederism is based on either feeding someone excessively and watching them gain weight, or being the person being excessively fed.

This is a sexual subculture that seems to be forbidden - even stories about women planning to be the fattest woman in the world sends shivers through the spines of the aspiring skinnies around the world.

People analysing the situation are turning around and saying that it's about oral gratification and pleasure, or even the fact that your power to stay slim - and the responsibility for it - is taken away from you.

On the part of the feeder, it's about tumescence - watching something get bigger. This fantasy can also come out in the form of wanting to be pregnant or wanting someone to be pregnant.

Isn't it an amazing thing about humans? We supposedly don't even know why we like the things we like, most of the time.

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