July 25, 2010

Revisit: Cutting my own hair - and how to cut yours

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25 July 2010

So I did it...I cut my own hair. I used these instructions...

But the problem is that my hair is thin, and fine, and so damn unmanageable it was practically impossible to lift my hair above my head and cut it straight!

I think it was also because my hair is long, and I didn't really want to lose the length - just give a cut and a style.

So here are my personalised instructions:

- Wash your hair and comb out all the knots. It's very important to keep your hair wet all the time. This makes it easier to control your hair and easier to brush through every time. Comb all your hair to the back of your head.

- Seperate the section of your hair at the front as you would for cutting bangs - about 2cm off the front of your hairline - and cut to the length you would like to start from. Remember, no shorter than the bridge of your nose, and anywhere between there and the tip of your nose, depending on the end-length you're looking for. I cut mine to the region of my mouth, as I wanted to keep the overall cut long. (To cut, run your hair through your forefinger and middle finger, and cut along the line your fingers create - remember though that you need to hold your fingers parallel to the ground for a straight cut).

- With the section you just cut still combed down in front of your face, seperate another section of hair from your head, running across from ear to ear. Comb this down in front of your face. Then to cut, what worked for me with the long hair was to bend over and try hold my head parallel to the floor. Comb your hair from what would be the front of you head and emulate the movement with your forefinger and middle finger, cutting where you see the difference. It's a bit difficult with fine hair, and also a bit difficult to keep the top of your head parallel to the floor - but you'll get the hang of it.

- Follow this procedure until you reach the back of your head with the sectioning off.

- Your hair should be nice and layered now, except for the very back, because this is the most difficult part to snip to the same length as the upper bits of your hair using my "bending over" trick.

- To round off and straighten out, gather your still-wet hair into a high ponytail (I mean unfashionably high - right on top of your head!) Make sure the hair on the left is on the left of the pony, the hair on the right, on the right, and so on.

- Run your forefinger and middle finger along your pony tail till you find the difference, and just cut it straight.

Voila! That should be it. Sorry I don't have any pics - I just wanted to focus on getting my hair cut at this stage!

I am relatively pleased with the result! :)

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