March 17, 2010

Goodbye Princesses of Disney!

In a recent post on Care2, it came to light that, following the dismal performance of Walt Disney's most recent princess film The Princess and the Frog, several Disney executives decided that future princess-fare would be limited, and films that are to be pushed forward will feature stronger man roles.

I don't know about you, but when I was young, Disney princesses, or at least watching the films produced by Disney featuring princesses, was a main past-time. Besides, of course, the role-playing and imaginary sequences young girls generally occupy themselves with.

Most girls in the Western world have been brought up with these princesses as their idols, and many women are dismayed that the princess might have to sleep in her tower for longer than usual.

Personally, the idea of a Disney film minus the sweetly oozing perfect personalities of the princesses is sort of appealing - for years these women have shown girls how to behave when it comes to their men and when it comes to society. They are really weak, despite a showing of independence.

But if you really take a look at media aimed at women, you'll see that it is so for all female-driven films. Take Sex and the City for example: although Carrie and her friends are independent, ambitious and strong women, they are still in search of love, and the only person who can rescue them from their loneliness is a man.

And so all chick flicks follow this same plot curve, having no appeal to men and losing their appeal for many women (myself included). The so-called strong women in these films are really not strong at all, and the films themselves are practically unwatchable. (We continue to watch them, guys, because we are constantly hoping for the chick flick to be reinvented! How many of you girls enjoyed The Hangover?)

If Disney wants to make money, they should look at having a woman in a role meant for a man. Take a look at the Alien series - this series is a classic and is unforgettable for its main character Ripley. She is popular among men and women, and I believe that she is one of the main reasons that the series was so popular.

As an anti-climax to this post though, I would like to shamefully admit that I still enjoy the old Walt Disney films! (Don't be too disappointed in me Dear Readers! :) )
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