November 23, 2009

A random post on ... shoes

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I was wondering today about the proliferation of shoes in women's cupboards. I myself have a number of pairs lying in a pile at the bottom of the cupboard...alas, I probably only use three or four pairs.

My shoes are, however, strikingly normal compared to those that you see when browsing the stores. Gulp-inducing high-heels, catch-your-breath stilettos and "aren't they painful" wedges are only some of the shoes that women can pick from.

Even more important is that, when choosing a pair of shoes, you have an outfit that you a) either have in mind to match the shoe, or b)are going to buy for the purpose of matching the shoe that you just purchased.

Shoes meet so many more needs than simply matching an outfit: they can instil confidence in the wearer, making them feel sleek and powerful; they can add height to those who are vertically challenged; they can add to the enjoyment of an evening out by being more comfortable than you expected; they keep our feet cool and clean when walking outside; they keep our feet warm and unexposed in moments of cold...

And so the list goes on. You won't find a single girl in the world who will admit to not liking a new pair of shoes.

I'm not really one to advise on the use of shoes, since the majority of my shoes are geared towards comfort - most of them are flat, and those with heels fall within the large proportion of shoes that I don't wear. Ever.

Give me my most worn, most comfortable, most ugly shoes, and I'll be as happy as a clam! :)

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