June 2, 2009


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I'm certain that every little girl has had a Barbie doll, or a replica, at one stage in their lives. This year, Barbie is 50 years old!

Barbie Milicent Roberts was created by Ruth Handler in 1959, and back then, apparently sold for about R20! (if only it were still like that parents wouldn't be spending hundreds to keep their children satisfied!)

As a celebration of her fiftieth birthday, top international designers have taken inspiration from the style icon and created stylish outfits for Barbie, as part of the Barbie Runway Show.

For Barbie-lovers, and those who'd just like to reminisce about their (perhaps) favourite doll, here are some interesting titbits, if you didn't already know them:

- Totally Hair Barbie, released in 1992, was the best-selling Barbie, with over 10 million sold around the world.

- She is 29.2cm tall, with a 11.6cm bust, 8.9cm waist and 12.7cm hipline.

- She has been dressed by 70 famous fashion designers.

- There are about 1 000 YouTube channels dedicated to her, and about 300 Facebook pages honouring her.

- She has represented 50 nationalities, owned 50 different pets, and had 1008 different careers.

- If you had to own an original 1959 Barbie doll, in mint condition, she would be worth about $27 450!

There have been plenty of claims that if Barbie were a real women, her strange proportions would result in her head being too heavy for her body to support, and that she would have to crawl around on the floor. Some believe that this is simply a mysoginistic view of the icon.

The famous Brigitte Bardot had a 50.8cm waist!

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