March 30, 2009

Easy kill

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30 March 2009

As I was driving to work today, I saw a car run into a bird. Its life was ended as suddenly as it had begun, and I don't know why, but seeing this made me very sad. As it is, I become sad when I see an animal dead in the road.

I know that it is sometimes very difficult to stop your car in time to avoid crashing into an animal as they cross the street, but this morning was different, because we were not travelling that fast, and it could have been avoided.

While driving to work, this got me thinking that humankind is being trained to ignore the little lives in favour of ourselves. Look at all the advertising for killing pests like cockroaches and flies. These tiny deaths might not seem so much in the larger scheme of things, but these are still little lives. I don't know if anyone else feels this, but whenever I squash an insect, I have this horrible feeling in my stomach.

It is as if we've been taught that it's okay to kill, and so don't feel as much remorse as we might had we killed a human. Because they're a real life aren't they?

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