January 30, 2009


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30 January 2009

I was driving in the rain the other day. I normally enjoy driving in the rain, because of the soothing sound of the raindrops on the roof of my car. Sometimes it also seems to me as though others are struck by the same beauty, and all slow down to drive through the rain at a more leisurely pace.

However, on this particular drive home, which I thought started well because the rain started to fall only when I climbed in the car, I climbed the slipway from William Nicol onto Witkoppen. I truly felt accosted by the navy blue BMW that came ploughing towards me in the rain. Particularly when she decided to hoot at me several times because I decided I would preserve my life before driving in front of the stream of cars on the road I was trying to enter. Never mind that it was actually quite wet on the roads and the slightest wrong move on either my part or her’s would cause us to slide into each other.

I was stunned at both her aggression and her simple impatience. But I still could not help but giggle to myself a little when I landed up at the same traffic light as she, for three or four lights. All her rushing did not get her anywhere quicker than myself.

I feel sad for those who are in such a hurry that they cannot slow down to appreciate the world around them, or to be courteous to someone they don’t know. Simply allowing someone to take a turn before oneself at a traffic circle can change their entire day, their whole perspective for their day.

If only we all took the time simply to skip our turns, go slower, and, cliched as it might seem, smell the bluegums before rushing off into the sunset that they don’t even notice.


  1. Nice, thoughtful comment, Ro - looking forward to reading more of your blogposts! =)

  2. Enjoyed this first post Ro! Also look forward to more! Bron xxx

  3. Hi Roanne,

    You got so much talent so you go girl and don't stop until someone recognises you for what you are.

    Hugz Clare