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Are We Dreaming Real?

I read an interesting article yesterday about the concept of dreaming real. It's based on the idea that we may one day be able to project our thoughts and fantasies directly from our unconscious without any mediation: a true representation of creativity.The conundrum this raises is that the boundary between the unconscious and the conscious is obliterated. There is no reality and no dream, and the dreamer is exposed along with anyone they dream of. The latter could be considered an assault on another's freedom, then, because that subject becomes nothing more than an image used as raw material to be manipulated as the dreamer wishes in a space that is transgressive simply because it is a subjective translation of another, projected to others.With such complete access to our unconscious, we would lose our sense of reality entirely, lose the certainty of recognising image and object. Would the literal expression of a dream make us less human because we have broken that boundary b…

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