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Feminism is toxic

 I have thought myself a feminist, but in the last few years feminism has proven to be nothing but toxic. I have been married to my husband for 13 years this year. He has been good to me, we have had good times, but feminism made me believe I was more important than my role in our family. For the last two years I have been having an affair. This includes sexting and sending seductive images and selfies. I have also engaged with other men in a flirtatious and sexual manner. My false sense of importance resulted in my ignoring what good my husband was doing for me and my daughter and made me believe I was more important than the role I have been given as a woman and a mother, and made it easy for me to take what I had for granted, and also to overlook the good in my life and my husband. Feminism has taught me that I can be anything and do anything, but the truth is that the only thing I should be doing - I'm meant to be doing - is supporting my husband in the role of wife and being a

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