DIY || Make a Quilt from Your Baby's Old Clothing

What to do with all those baby clothes? Well, you could give it away to a worthy cause, or you could turn it into something of a talking point!

I used some of my favourite of Emma's old baby clothing and turned them into (hopefully) an heirloom piece.

What you need:

Iron-on interfacing
Baby clothes
Ruler and scissors
Backing fabric to fit the finished quilt

How to do it:

First off, you'll have to come up with a layout for the quilt, so that you have the correct measurements.

Mine looked a little like this:


So let's begin!


Cut the baby clothing up into squares and strips according to your layout. Make sure to coordinate colours.

Iron interfacing onto the back of every square.


If you'd like to make a square with the baby's name on it, print out the letters in a font that you like. Cut them out from paper and use them to cut the letters out of fabric.


Applique them onto the square. If you like, you could iron interfacing on before cutting the letters out to keep them stable on the quilt.

Sew all the squares together one at a time, ensuring that you iron the seams open with every square.
If you have motifs from some of the clothing, applique or straight stitch them on to blank squares.

Lay the quilt onto a flat surface and cut the backing fabric to fit. Place the pieces together front sides facing and pin them together, sewing all the way around but leaving a 20cm section open so you can turn the quilt inside out.

Once you have the quilt right sides out, lay it on a flat surface again and pin all four sides of every square to the backing fabric. Top stitch around the edges to keep the quilt in place.


If you have any motifs that you'd like to save as well, you can straight stitch around them on the plain squares.

Top stitch all the way around the quilt.

And you're done!

This is the full quilt:


I'd love to see your end-result! Please share it with me in the comments below!


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