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My absolute favourite online indulgence this year has definitely been the existence of legions of beautiful, creative, and inspiring free printables. Most of my printable downloads are worksheets and activities for my daughter, which have been so useful as I've tested out homeschooling her, but there is an amazing pool of creative artists who share the most amazing designs - for free! For Christmas, you can find anything from gift tags and gift boxes to advent calendars and convenient checklists.

I haven't actually used a lot of the printables I've discovered, as Christmas somehow manages to sneak up on me every year, although this year I have managed to print out paper houses that will be the focal points of our tree this year. I have done some (I lie - a lot) of browsing, though, and these are my 10 favourite printables to make your Christmas prettier.

10. Merry and Bright Image Transfer Tree Decoration

If you're looking for a unique decoration, this easy one can certainly be customised to suit you, if you have a computer and printer.
From Shrimp Salad Circus

9. Calligraphy Gift Tags

These gift tags are certain to add some panache to your gifts.
From Lindsey Bee

8. Gift Boxes and Tags

Looking for a quick and easy gift wrapping idea for a small item? Then these are ideal, as they are easy to make and come with their very own tags, too!
From Freckle and Fair

7. Pillow Gift Boxes, and links to more styles

Small gifts can easily find a home in these sweet pillow boxes, or find the links to several other styles in the link below.
From Homemade Gifts Made Easy

6. Adult Colouring Pages

If you get some time to yourself this Christmas and need some colour therapy, these free doodling Christmas-themed pages will hit the spot.
From 1 + 1 + 1 = 1

5. Funny Face Christmas Crackers

Looking for a fresh option for traditional Christmas crackers? Look no further than these adorable DIYs!
From Mr Printables

4. Christmas Village

I love these paper houses because they are unique, though they won't really make a great tea candle holder. They are supposed to be for a mantle, and would make a sweet activity for a bored child, too.
From Thoughts From Alice

3. Christmas Activities Paper Chain

I thought this was a great idea! Perhaps it's a bit too close for Christmas, but I'm certain some of the activities can be repeated or left out entirely.
From Sunny Day Family

2. Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt

If you're in the mood for baking gingerbread men, make your family work for their biscuits with this fun scavenger hunt idea!
From Sunny Day Family

1. Gingerbread House Gift Box

I've put this gift box at number one because I've actually printed it out and made one myself. It combines two of my favourite things: colouring and folding paper. It's going on our tree, but it would make a lovely gift box that no one would be able to throw away.
From Bugaboocity

What are your favourite Christmas printable resources?


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