DIY || Christmas Biscuit-Filled Mason Jars

I was asked to make some vegan biscuits for my husband's staff this year, as he wanted a more personal touch. I had a lot of fun with these, from coming up with a concept for the decor, purchasing the bottles and decorations, making the biscuits, and then decorating the bottles. I was busy with them for the whole day on Sunday, but I think the end result is wonderful. Below, you can find a list of supplies, the process used for decorating, as well as my favourite coconut biscuit recipe and a link to my printable Christmas tags!


- Around 12 coconut biscuits (or biscuits of your choice) for each jar. Remember when making them to think about the opening of your jar and ensure they'll fit!
- Eight 580ml, tall Consol jars with gold lids (I also used three pickling jars for larger gifts we filled with nuts)
- Two packs of red and white luxury tissue paper with Christmas patterns
- One 20m reel of red sparkly twine
- Sellotape
- Christmas gift tags (get my free printable here)
- Gold glitter glue
- Hole punch



Decorating your gifts:

- Print out the gift tags (here) and decorate the stars with gold glitter glue. Set aside for the glue to dry. Cut out and punch a hole in the top above the decorative scroll.
- Fill the bottles with the biscuits, trying to get them to sit flat and upright.
- Measure your bottle from the middle of the bottom to the middle of the top and cut the red sparkly string four times this length, plus a little extra. Cut eight of these lengths.

Hint: Wind the string around one jar before cutting the lengths to ensure you have the correct measurement.

christmas-mason-jars-biscuits-free-tag-printableFold this string in half and glue the half point on the lid of the jar. Turn the jar over, wrap the string around the bottom and cross, taping the four directional pieces in place. Turn the jar right way up and secure the top ends with tape.

- Measure around the jar just under the lid and cut eight strings to twice that length (for the knot and bow).

- Cut your tissue paper into squares that will fit over over the lid of the jar and a little way down the sides. Place the tissue paper over the lid and scrunch it down over the sides, securing it in place with the short length of string. Make a double knot to secure it in place.

- Pull one of the loose lengths through the back of the hole of a gift tag and tie in place with a ribbon.

And that's it! Simple and effective gifts! I would love to know what you think of this DIY and would love it if you shared you homemade gifts even more!


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