DIY || Customise a Photo Album Set

Follow this tutorial on how to cover photo albums that don't suit your purposes.

I was at a shortage of creative ideas for Christmas gifts last year. It was a tough year for me creatively and I haven't felt really challenged by anything. It also didn't help that we decided not to celebrate Christmas last year, so I only had three gifts I needed to purchase.

After a visit to Typo, I found a set of three photo albums that would work perfectly for my mom. But when I opened them, I realised I didn't actually look at the cover properly and they were all travel-themed, something my mom will not be able to relate to since she hardly wants to leave the city we live in.

I decided to cover them with artwork by both her granddaughters and some handmade paper. My tutorial will show you how to cover your own photo albums, or indeed any book you'd like to customise.

What You'll Need:

A photo album (or a book)
Handcrafted paper
Sellotape and glue
Pencil and ruler



To start, gather the photos you're going to use and cut them to fit the album pages (if they don't fit already).


Choose the section of artwork you'd like to include as the cover.


Place your album on the paper and pencil the outline of it. Add 1.5 to 2cm around the basic outline.


Where the binding of the album is, draw two v-shaped lines at the folds.


Cut out your cover, cutting the v-shaped marks down to the basic outline. You can either cut straight across where the cover will go over the binding or include a flap that you can also fold over the album. Also cut diagonally across each of the four corners, as below.


Fold the edges over.


I used glue to secure the flaps but you can use sellotape if you're not confident the glue will stick.


And that's your cover done! I would love it if you shared your work!


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