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January 10, 2017

My Favourite Free Printable Calendars 2017

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As part of an aim to be more organised this year, I have calendars everywhere. I have a daily diary, a desk planner, and a calendar pinned up with a pen to add notes on when I pass it. But I'm considering putting a calendar up in every room as there are so many beautiful ones available for free from amazing artists in the blogging world!

Here is a roundup of my five favourites for the year - get printing!

Watercolour Star Wars Calendar

This is right at the top because I think it's amazing! The art is really sweet and the calendar itself is simple with a special spot for notes.


Floral-Themed Calendar in Colour or Not!

I like that you can choose between the colour version and one without colour. If you're into adult colouring at the moment, you can just colour the plain version the way you see fit.


Under the Sea Calendar

This is also a favourite of mine, since I love the ocean... It would go wonderfully in my sea-themed bathroom. The art is gorgeous and inspiring.

Eco Tips Calendar

For all of us wanting to live a little more sustainably, this calendar offers monthly tips on doing just that. The blocks are also large enough to fill up with daily activities and special dates, like birthdays.

Floral-Themed Calendar and Co-ordinating Weekly Planner

What makes this free calendar stand out is the matching weekly planner so you can truly remain organised!

Are there any calendars you like more? I would love to add them to my list!

{Lead Image credit: By Ondrejk - Own work, Public Domain, Link}

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