Refashion || Men's shirt to more feminine blouse

The ubiquitous man's shirt is a staple at thrift stores. This one my husband threw out and I liked the colouring. How to make it more feminine? Well, aside from tailoring it a little, add a feminine fabric. I decided to swap the sleeves for a textured chiffon in a coordinating colour.

What you'll need for this project:

A thrifted man's shirt
A thread ripper
About a metre of chiffon in a matching colour
Matching thread
A blouse that fits you or a pattern

How to refashion the shirt:

Remove the sleeves with your unpicker and also loosen the side seams.
Cut out a new place for the sleeve using your blouse or the sleeve of a blouse pattern. Use that same pattern to cut out a sleeve from the chiffon.

Pin the seam towards the neckline so it cannot be seen through the fabric and sew it down. It should look like the below image.
To add some more femininity to the shape, I made small Bishop's sleeves by adding cuffs. To do so, cut strips of chiffon about 7cm wide and as long as the width of the position on your forearm where you want the sleeve to end. Gather the bottom of the sleeve and sew the cuff.
I made the shirt only a little shorter than it had been initially, since I liked the length already, and also tailored the sides for a feminine fit.
The end-product is quite pretty, I think. It might also serve as a light cover-up for a cool summer's evening. I haven't worn it yet, though, but I seem to have a phobia for wearing clothes I've made for myself. Anyone else suffer from that?


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