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The Dressmaker is a dark comedy surrounding the arrival of Myrtle (Tilly) Dunnage in the hometown that kicked her out after she supposedly murdered a fellow child. Her experience of the event was misty, as much memory is, and she travels to the town not only for vengeance but also to discover whether she really is a murderess.

It is fitting that I went to see the film on Valentine's Day this year: it is definitely a chick flick, albeit a long one, filled with zesty innuendo that is certain to raise a giggle (or few), tweaked with a bit of buttery romance, and rounded off with a spicy cocktail of tragedy and revenge.

Kate Winslet is glamorous and elegant in a role practically written for her. As with all her work, she brings a depth of passion to Tilly and her tragic story. Hugo Weaving is brilliant as the cross-dressing policeman who has a soft spot for Tilly and her 'mad' mother, played by Judy Davis, is every bit as entertaining to watch as she is to listen to. Of course we must mention Liam Hemsworth, who lit the screen on fire (Practically!) with his zeal and intensity.

The Dressmaker will take you from amusement to grief in a single scene, while the mystery that is the foundation of Tilly's story and need for vengeance unfolds slowly throughout, providing a solid basis from which to view the parodied version of a small town and all its prejudices.

At its core, the film is also about appearance (read fashion and style) and how these outward aspects can do so much to hide the true beauty or ugliness within. For while the small town appears peaceful - indeed it is swathed in darkness when Tilly first arrives - this facade is only a shroud over the grim reality of selfish people living selfish lives.

Oh, and if you love fashion design, this one is for you!

Have you seen the film?

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