DIY || Broke your favourite mug? Mend it and keep it around!

Whether they're sentimental or simply a favourite item to drink coffee from, a broken mug can sometimes be heartbreaking. But follow my tutorial to mend your broken mug, and heart!

What you'll need for this project:

A mug that's not too badly broken: that is, the pieces should be able to fit together again relatively well
Liquid Lead (used for stained glass crafts)

How to mend the broken mug:

rebuilt-mugYour first step will be to rebuild your mug so that you have an idea of where all the different pieces go. If you skip this step, you may root around for the correct piece for too long.
liquid-liner-along-crackLine one of the cracked edges with a generous amount of liquid lead.
mug-pieces-placed-togetherPlace your pieces together and squeeze them so that some of the lead squashes out.
Repeat these steps for all your separate pieces, slowly rebuilding your mug as you go along. Sometimes you may have to wait for a section to dry first before moving onto the next one.
Your end product should look something like the above images. There are different liquid lead colours available nowadays, so you can mix and match or coordinate. Remember that the lead does not have to be perfect!

I did not do it with the mug in my example, but if you like, you can make random lines of lead all around your mug if the break is converges in a particular area and you don't like the way it looks. I did this with the black mug in the photo.
Please share your mended mugs with me!


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