DIY || Envelope cushion cover

I love cushions. Just ask my husband, who does not understand their necessity, unless, as we had experienced recently, we find ourselves without a couch.

One of the reasons I like to make cushions is because they are just so easy, especially if you purchase a pre-filled inner and make your cover to fit. Even if you'd like to make the entire cushion yourself, it really is a simple process.

To me, cushions add something to your decor.

Here is a tutorial on making an envelope cushion cover.

What you'll need for this project:

About 90cm of fabric, depending on the size of your inner if you have one already
A sewing machine threaded with a matching colour thread

How to make envelope cushion covers:

Most pre-purchased inners are 40cm by 40cm. You will need to cut one square measuring 42cm by 42 cm (1cm for the seams) and two rectangles the height of the cushion (42cm) and half the cushion's width plus about 7cm (including seams.
In this photo you can see the square, which will be the front of the cushion, and one of the rectangles for the back, which will form the envelope.
Double-fold one side of each of the rectangles and pin in place. Sew.

Place the two rectangles on the front square, right sides facing, one on top of the other. Pin together and sew all around the square, making sure you strengthen the joints by going backwards and forwards over the openings.

If you like, you can serger all the way around the square. Then clip the corners and turn inside out.

Et voila!


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