Book Review || Veronica Mars - The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (Audio Book)

All the angst, witty remarks, danger, drama, friendship, mystery, and crazy twists of 'Veronica Mars' in convenient audio book format!

I have been torn about whether or not to consider listening to an audio book as an achievement on par with actually reading a book but my first experience with an audio novel was delightful and I can't wait to start the next one!

I have recently found myself obsessing over the 'Veronica Mars' television series, being a late blooming marshmallow, and went on a three-season binge followed by the movie. As many fans know, learning what happens after the film is a priority and you will (mostly) not be disappointed in Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

We join Veronica a few months after the end of the film where she is trying to keep her dad's PI business afloat. Two young girls go missing during spring break in Neptune, infamous for its corruption and illegal activities involving minors, and she is recruited to find them. Veronica not only has to deal with her dad's disapproval of her life choice, but also with the loneliness of not having Logan near to her after they've just found each other again and the complex mystery that is the disappearance of the young girls.

I really enjoyed the build-up to the mystery, as well as the relationship dynamics between all the characters. Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham did a great job bringing the feel of the series and film to the book, while Kristen Bell is an excellent audio book artist - she adds inflections and accents and alters her tone of voice to match whomever is speaking, really enriching the book for me.

The mystery is solved in Veronica Mars' characteristic style, and yes, she is still smarter than everyone else.

If you were dying to know what happens between Logan and Veronica following the film, prepare to be disappointed, however. Logan hardly appears in person in the novel and aside from Veronica musing about how much she misses him and enjoyed their short time together, there is no time spent at all on the romance aspect.

Fans will just have to make do with these:

I really enjoyed the audio book and feel almost guilty for admitting that, but reading is not a job that allows you to multitask and this is something I could do while 'reading' the book. The writing was also excellent enough to affect my imagination just as much as actually reading the text would have done, so this is not only not the last time I'll read an audio book but it's also forward to the next Veronica Mars novel, Mr Kiss and Tell!


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  2. Audio books are great. Ideal for the unproductive times like when you waiting for a train and so on. Also when you need to do some dumb repetitive and boring work that has to be done, it keeps the mind active, and makes the task pleasant.

  3. Yes, I am definitely a fan now! :)


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