New floors = brand new lounge!

Our floors were finished more than a week ago, but it has taken me this long to get (mostly) everything back in place. After some chopping and changing and moving and mixing, we at least have our lounge back. One thing I've learned: we have way too much stuff!

The floors look really amazing. They give our home a cosiness and warmth that was simply missing previously, despite the fact that our lounge really was ... erm ... cosy (if you consider hardly having room to move cosy...)
The photos above were taken before we refreshed the room with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. The ceiling is just plain white, while for the walls we used Dulux' Colours of the World Gentle Argentina, if you're interested.

One of the ideas behind having our floors done in the first place was so we could do some proper spring cleaning. I'm the first to admit that this has been the most difficult part of moving everything back. After all, everything may be used sometime, right?
So we have not thrown much out. But our space planning is better this time around. The wasted space at the porch door is now hidden by our bulky cabinet and simply moving this piece of furniture freed up so much space that the room looks much larger and brighter. Even with everything put back.

Most of our plants are still lounging outside, as I intend to use wall space for shelves instead of piling them all over the place. And I absolutely love my new curtains and the Bohemian look of the throws on the couches. Plus the jute mat is gorgeous underfoot and against the wooden flooring.
I've tried not to put too much decor into the room, so a few talking-point pieces are my aim, including a wire bonsai tree, a swing mirror we bought for a bargain, and a cuckoo clock that's a family heirloom. I'll get around to adding more items as I keep going through all our stuff. I also intend to replace the lamp - I want to make something unique.
The prints above the couch come from France and Amsterdam and I'm so pleased that they're finally on display - I've been lugging them around from place to place for 13 years!


Although the passage is not entirely complete yet and I don't want to show you what the new paint job looks like until I've finished all the details, you can see what a difference the wooden flooring makes in this narrow space.
And finally, I'll bet you're wondering how the bathroom is going? I put the basin back up today and also finished the mosaic around the bath. Once I've decided on where I want the shelving to go and have finally arranged my decor, then it will finally be finished!
I would love to know what you think!


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